Douglas fir

High quality Douglas Fir



The domestic grown Douglas fir  (Pseudotsuga menziesii) originally descended from the North American continent and was imported by a Scottish in the late 18th century. Since then Douglas fir has become one of the more popular trees among the domestically grown, and expanded its reach in all of Europe.
Though a lot smaller than its american brother, the European Douglas fir can get 50- 60 m high and up to 600 years of age. Along with a perfectly straight growth  and an unimposing bark Douglas fir needs approximately 80 years until it can be felled. It would take another 40- 60 years to grow into a characteristically strong wood tree.


With the sapwood being around 3-6 cm wide, the heartwood area is quite large. Along with the delicate structure, its reddish brown color is very popular for floor producers and the yellowish grey sapwood also makes a very nice touch for all sorts of applications. Douglas fir is known for being resilient and strong as well.

Douglas fir, with its multiple characteristics has many practical as well as optical advantages over other wood species. The combination of size, lightweight and durability serves ideally for all sorts of constructions. Doors or windows, floors, staircases and wall panellings with Douglas fir enhance the beauty of every building.

Douglas fir is also a popular tree for utility poles and climbing garden poles. The weatherproof wooden material is widely used for power lines in the Scandinavian countries as well as Great Britain.


Therefore, careful selection and processing of Douglas fir is imperative for our company to ensure best quality for our clients. Hiam GmbH is able to deliver butt logs and regular trunks of higher qualities.