The Fir usually grows in monocultures or mixed forest ecosystems together with Spruce, Beeches or Pines. The Fir’s special characteristics is its shadow growth. It is able to grow extremely slow in the shadows of larger trees for up to 100 years. Once the larger trees are cut down, the “sleeping” fir trees wake up and grow at a normal rate like other trees.


The timber is yellowish-white, soft and with only few resin inside. The timber is mainly used as construction material, for furniture or paper production. It’s hard to distinguish the Fir timber from the Spruce timber once it is sawn. That’s why most of Spruce and Fir is sold in one bundle by forest owners.

Latin Name: Albies Alba


Family: 50 Fir kinds


Region: Europe


Max. Height: 70m


Max. Age: 600 years


Characteristics: light, elastic


Usability: Paper production, Construction material, Christmas trees, Furniture