European Larch

European Larch, Larix Decidua


Age: 600-800 years


Region: Mid-Western Europe, East Europe


Height: up to 45m


Diameter: up to 200cm


Timber consistency: resin pockets, tough, permanent, small sapwood, heartwood reddish


Application: marine timber, furnitures, windows, doors

The European Larch is a one-of-a-kind tree species; The Larch tree is the only deciduous tree that changes the color of its needles later in the year and, in winter, rids itself completely of its needles.


The timber is among the heaviest of all domestic timbers, while at the same time it is very enduring and tough. The sapwood part is relatively small in comparison to the red-yellowish looking heartwood. The bigger resin pockets make it suitable only for some building purposes such as for boat building or other special constructions.