Marine Timber

marine timber

We supply high quality European Larch & Oak timber to boatbuilders & shipyards all across Europe. The timbers are sawn into boules, boards or beams and transported to the designated location.


Boat builders and shipyards usually prefer knotfree, durable and sustainably sourced timber to build & restore their boats. We offer you PEFC & FSC– certified & hand-picked wood sourced in German and French forests. These trees have been growing for over 50 years and therefore represent the perfect building material for your projects.


For more information about our projects with boatbuilders & shipyards please click on our Portfolio page, which is linked below.

What we sell: Planks, beams, boards, boules and poles


Wood Species: European Larch timber & Oak 


Air or kiln dried


Timber boules standard dimensions:

  • 38mm
  • 50mm
  • 63mm
  • 80mm

Other dimensions upon request

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