Logistical Services

Logistical services are an integral part of Hiram operations. We offer supply chain management in Germany, Great Britain, France, the Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe, which makes us an ideal partner for your ongoing projects & operations. We are able to provide transportation by truck, rail or ship to the requested destinations together with the support of our vast network of partners, who assure continuous supply of timber just in time.


We developed a client-oriented logistical concept. Our highly flexible combination of different transport systems makes us able to react and adapt quickly to the challenges of each individual order and benefits our clients by saving precious time and money. Our logistical services are especially focused on the following key points:

  • Quality control of the timber
  • Reduction of empty runs
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Repositioning of cargo to increase capacity
  • Trailer transportation of large quantities of timber
  • Route planning
  • GPS tracking