The Spruce makes up for 30% in all European forests. Especially in Southern Germany and the Black Forest they were heavily planted after WW2, the old forests cut down for reparation payments.  Due to extremely quick growth the Spruce tree was planted in huge monocultures and after a few years redefined the entire region’s landscape.


Also in Scandinavian regions you will find plenty of Spruce forests. Its high intolerance to cold weather makes the Spruce invulnerable to snow and therefore was able to spread over the entire Scandinavian Peninsula.


Spruce is one of the most popular building materials for constructions of all kinds. Furnitures, Claddings, Floors and paper are produced with Spruce timber.

Region: North America, Europe, Asia


Dimensions: Diameter 30-70cm, Thickness 2m


Age: Up to 600 years


Timber: yellowish-white


Needles: Green