Hiram is an international timber trading & forestry business located in Oberkirch, southwest Germany. We are experts  in procuring &  supplying high quality timber assortments, originating from Western European Forests.  We offer our clients indigenous conifers and deciduous timber ranging from normal to excellent qualities.


The focus of the company lies on wood species such as Douglas fir, Larch, Oak or Spruce due to their profitability and their excellent attributes in the local wood industry. The company has built up a big network of suppliers and producers over the last decades and is an established part in the supply chain of the timber industry.

We source the timber from state owned and privately owned forests, which allows us to supply small and large quantities of wood originated from FSC – and PEFC- certified forests.

As presented in our product portfolio, we offer, among others, timber to sawmills, utility pole builders, adventure park builders, boat builders and wooden toy manufacturers. We are specialized in the supply of high quality timber and try to be of service to the utmost individual needs.

Apart from the high quality assortments, we are also established in the biomass and timber recycling business, which is a fast growing industry all over the world. Our company is actively engaged in Germany as well as in France together with the French subsidiary Hiram- Forêt et Bois (HFB).


Together with HFB, Hiram company is able to cover the entire West European market and the possibility to pick the best wood available for our clients.

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