High Quality Douglas Fir

High quality Douglas fir timber from Hiram is the best and most durable timber one can find in Western European Forests. We offer Douglas fir logs for structural purposes and for appearances. Similar to the WWPA’s ratings, our Douglas fir is rated by TF (“near Veneer” Quality), A, B and so forth. We are specialized in providing these “near Veneer” Qualities as well as A, B, all three ideal for structural purposes.


The timber provides excellent mechanical properties. It can be used for bearing structures, as well as beautiful and characteristic flooring. The wood of Douglas fir is easy to handle for craftsmen and suitable for a huge variety of purposes.


The first 4-6 meters of a high quality Douglas fir are usually chosen due to favorable attributes and toughness of the bottom part, but also due to the cutting of all branches in the first few years of a tree.

Our customers appreciate the clear vertical grain Douglas fir. They use it for flooring, furnishing or the production of handrails, most commonly used in museums, castles, galleries, fashion boutiques and by architects of premium apartments all over Europe. We also offer high quality Douglas fir as Sawn Timber such as boards, beams, frames and much more.

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