European Larch  Boules

European Larch Boules 


Hiram  offers its clients Clear Grade  European Larch boules. We sell them to boat builders, bench & table builders, Flooring, Cladding an Decking producers and many more. The timbers are expertly handpicked in German and French forests, afterwards sawn into unedged boules and eventually delivered to the designated locations by our business partners.


We offer the timber fresh, air or kiln dried. Our Larch boules are preferably PEFC- and FSC- certified, which means that our timber meets the requirements for responsible and sustainable forestry.

Air or Kiln Dried Dimensions:


  • 38 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 63 mm
  • 80 mm
  • Other dimensions upon request


We also offer European Larch sawn timber.

Clear Grade


  • Superior Quality, few and small branches
  • outstanding durability
  • Carefully handpicked in PEFC & FSC certified forests
  • almost no sapwood

Clear Grade II


  • High Quality, well grown timber
  • small to medium sized branches
  • long and durable, bigger share of sapwood
  • Carefully handpicked in PEFC & FSC certified forests

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