Log Cabin Wood


Log cabin wood offered by Hiram. Since many years, we supply Europe’s’ leading log home-, cabin- and shed building companies with domestic wood species. Typical West European wood species such as Fir, Douglas fir or Spruce, all of which easy to process, hew and incise. These wood species are usually readily available, reasonably priced and therefore perfect construction material for log home builders.


We offer the supply of log cabin wood of almost all dimensions and qualities. We offer selecting the standing trees and organise processing the way our clients wish. The logs will then be transported to their designated location. Transport will be taken care by delivery “ex- works” and “just-in-time”.


We also offer Douglas fir floorboards suitable for log cabin woods. For more information www.hiram-floors.com

Log Cabin Wood


  1. Douglas fir, Fir & Spruce
  2. Straightness and circularity of logs
  3. solid and well- formed
  4. fine branchiness
  5. delivery “ex-works” and “just-in-time”

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