Utility Poles

Douglas fir utility poles are sourced by our studied forestry experts in German and French forests. Douglas fir timber as poles have certain advantages over others, such as their redwoods’ durablity and density. For many European utility pole builders they are considered the ideal pole construction material.


Especially important are characteristics such as density, straightness and certain diameters of the Douglas fir logs. These characteristics guarantee long lasting usability wherever these poles are placed. Due to our longstanding experience in the pole business, we supply electricity companies all over Europe.

The poles have to be carefully examined, selected, logged and debarked, all organised by Hiram. Eventually they will be stored at a central holding area ready for inspection by our clients. Upon request, we provide drying and impregnation of the poles to provide protection against natural hazards. Eventually, the Utility Poles will be transported either by Truck, Train or Ship to its designated location.

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